Upgrading from 1.3.1 to 1.4.1

Hello all.

We’re upgrading our infrastructure as follows:

From CB 4.5.1 to CB 4.6.3
From SG 1.3.1 to SG 1.4.1
From CBL 1.3.1 to CBL 1.4 (Primary Driver: Exposes isDelete, and improved performance with concurrent read/write in iOS.)

We’re targeting go-live in Dec, so may have an opportunity to take in CBL 1.4.1 whose development is underway.

If you’ve made this transition yourself, how has your experience been? Are there any cautions, precautions we need to consider?

Many thanks!

There are some docs regarding upgrade here that you should take a pass over:


Also, I’m reaching out internally to find out from our QE department more details on the upgrade testing that is being done.