Use variable instead of file in cbq and cbimport


Can we use variable instead of file to export the json from cbq command and use the same variable in cbimport command to import on target cluster.

If is there any way, can someone please suggest.
I am trying below commands in script, but not working as expected.

OUT_VAR = cbq -u Administrator -p ${password} -q -e "http://localhost:8093" --script="select * FROM \`test.sample\` ;" | jq  -c '.results[0]."com.main.price"' 

cbimport json -c http://{targetcluster}:8091 -u Administrator -p ${password} -b ${bucket} -d ${OUT_VAR} -f lines -g %docId% -v

cbimport -d allows uri or file

You can redirect into file, pass it to cbimport and remove file in the script