Using a faster protocol to connect with SG


Hi, is there any hope to find a Couchbase Node.js library that can connect to Sync Gateway using the binary protocol used to connect to Couchbase Server?

If not, can you give me some benchmarks that compares the performance of HTTP queries among the binary protocol ones?

I think that speed will be an important thing in my backend, and I was wondering how I can optimize the connection from a Sails.js application to SG.

Thank you for your time.


Hello @donadev,

Some ideas would be to compile Couchbase Lite for the Node Server or to use a community library like Cradle, which is Node.js library that interfaces directly with the Sync Gateway.

Curious on your status/situation and if you came across any resolutions?


What about it do you need to be fast? Do you have latency sensitive operations, eg where user A changes something and user B needs to see the change within X milliseconds? What is the network topology you are expecting?

Or if your operations are of the sort that are OK to show up sometimes a few seconds late, is it that you will have a huge number of users doing them and want to optimize for throughput?