Using Azure blob for backup

I read on the release notes that in order to use Azure blob storage for backup I need to use a preview version of couchbase enterprise V7.1.1? Is that still the case? I need that feature so how do I go about finding and installing the proper version so I can use azure containers for backup?

In 7.1.1, cbbackupmgr’s support for Azure blob storage is still in Preview. The feature should be GA in a future release, but not available now.

Go to the storage account for which you want to configure backup for blobs, and then navigate to Data Protection in left pane (under Data management). In the available data protection options, the first one allows you to enable operational backup using Azure Backup.

I don’t see the connection between the Azure storage settings and how I can can use an Azure container as a couchbase backup repo.

Is there a recommended work-a-round until the CB feature gets out of “preview”?