Using config_cache getting error message: Bucket name is nullptr


I’m trying to get the config_cache working for my connection to my cluster:

My connection string looks like the following:
‘cluster’ => ‘couchbase://IP?config_cache=./data/cache/cb_config_cache’

The connection part happens in a factory and looks like that:
$cluster = new Cluster($config[‘cluster’],$clusterOptions);

The first time the factory is invoked I get the following error message:
[cb,EROR] (bc_file L:73 I:268883527) (cache=./data/cache/cb_config_cache) Couldn’t open for reading: No such file or directory

That’s ok, the file was not there and is now written.

When the second invocation happens I would not expect an error message, but the following appears:

[cb,EROR] (bc_file L:127 I:2317153737) (cache=./data/cache/cb_config_cache) Bucket name is nullptr

So how do I get rid of this message?
I thought in v3 & cb 7 this should not be bucket depending?

My Versions are:
Couchbase Server community-7.0.2
couchbase support => enabled
extension version => 3.2.0
libcouchbase runtime version => 3.2.2 (git: fadbd4d1617df952457abfa9984d095015f1ca52)
libcouchbase headers version => 3.2.1 (git: 4e76dc6c809d0b01cf304f6421c73386c852b353)

Can someone please help me or explain if I should use the config cache or not?

regards Alex

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