Vbucket map and map difference?


stupid question,

I always hear the term vbucket map and map, are they the same or are they different? is the vbucket map an actual file or is it in a memory or part of the couchbase server space (like the wind, you cant see it but its there)??

also same for map if map is the same thing, is there a actual file gets created and managed per node for a cluster?

thanks in advance


The vbucket map is used to figure out which node a vbucket is located on in the cluster. It is persisted into a file on each node as part of a cluster configuration file. Unless you’re developing your own Couchbase SDK you shouldn’t need to worry too much about this since all tools and SDK’s should use the vbucket map in order to route requests for you.

As for the map, you will need to be more specific what your asking about. If you can point to a place where a map is referenced then I can help explain what it means.