View-based primary index and node failure

I have tried to test node failure with a primary index using views. If there is no other (GSI-based) index available, I got an unexpected behaviour when one of the data nodes went off : if I issue a N1QL query on the web console, it still succeeds but (probably) runs on the available active data nodes, getting false results (based on partial data that is still available on active nodes), without getting any error or warning message. For example, a COUNT query returns less than normal while one of the nodes is off.

Is this a normal behaviour (if so, can do something to get an error message instead) or is it possibly a CouchBase bug?

This topic might be connected to Expected View Behavior When Node Fails (which is still unanswered).

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Btw, I got similar partial results (without any error or warning to the user) by querying the view directly (not via N1QL). The view replication checkbox on that bucket is grey (disabled as a control) but set on.