View file size is increased on one cluster node


We have four node couchbase db cluster, on one node view file size is increased to 400G whereas data size is still around 30GB. after doing re balancing also that view file is transferred to only one node not getting equally distributed to other three nodes.

Also auto compaction is being done resulting disk is getting filled. Any help is appreciated.

Thanks is advance



Sorry for late response.

Can you please let me know what version of CB are you using? EE or CE?
Just wanted to make sure I understand this correctly:

  1. One noe node, view size increased to 400G even though data size is 30G. Can you please take a look at the view fragmentation ratio in the UI?
  2. You tried rebalance with views but you found out view data is not evenly distributed across nodes. Can you please share more data here?
  3. In order for compaction to succeed, we will need enough disk space, like 2X or 3X of data size. Not sure when you kicked off the compaction.