View indexing status


I wish to know, without the GUI, if a View is being indexed or not.

Is there a way to know this programmatically?

Apparently, with the REST API, I can only get the text of the functions and the view results themselves.

Vitor Faria


Not as public interface, but if you’re willing to accept that it may change at any time, you can discover how the UI does this over the same REST interface.

For what it’s worth, as long as data is changing, the view is always being indexed.

Out of curiosity, what is your use case? Is this for setting up test scaffolding or something along those lines?



I checked the UI source code and found out it was mostly just sticking “_info” at the end of the REST call.

Edit: It looks like it isn’t that exactly, I’ll keep looking.

Edit2: I can have the progress with “/pools/default/tasks”, interesting.

My use case involves creating new views on an old bucket automatically (mostly an update on an old view, but I want to update it without loosing the old one completely, and I would need to switch to using the new one automatically once it stops indexing).


Thanks for the details. That makes sense. FYI @tgreenstein. ^^