View returns partial rows intermittently

I’m querying a view using Java SDK to retrieve all rows. I’m noticing that sometimes the view returns partial no. of rows rather than returning all the rows. I’m using stale = false and a key to filter the view. Any idea of where the issue could be ?

Could you be more specific about the way you use a key to filter the view, what you get and what you’d expect? Also, can you confirm which SDK version and server version you are using?

Hi Simon, Here’s how I use it
viewResult = ViewQuery.from(, ).stale(Stale.FALSE).key()

My issue is viewResult.allRows() intermittently returns less of rows.

java client version : 2.1.6
couchbase version : 4.1.0-5005 Enterprise Edition

On the server side, you can have a look at the view logs. Look for views.log in /opt/couchbase/var/lib/couchbase/logs. That may show an error.

The view processing is designed to return partial results in some circumstances. You can set that with a property on the view query.

Thanks for the update. can you let me know what the view property you are referring to in this context ?

@baskaranz I think @ingenthr was actually thinking about the stale(...) parameterization.

did you find anything suspicious in the view logs?