ViewQuery.keys size limit


We ran into issues while using ViewQuery.keys. We need to pass very large number of keys (~10K) per veiw query. ViewQuery returns empty results when no of keys are more than 30. I came acrss the post that keys size limit is 2K. is this true ? is there any way to increase this default limit ?

I also came across similar issue . Does this fix increase the keys size limit ?

Also, i didn’t get answer to my question on previous post here : Vew result is empty for very large document

Query keys parameter cannot be longer than 1772 bytes
ViewQuery with multiple keys leads to WebException/HttpRequestException

Yes, this fix should remove the size limit.


I was expecting java client 2.1.4 release on 6-Jun-2015. if its released, I don’t see this on maven repository yet.