Warning: Server groups are unbalanced


Facing below warning, what can be checked or improved?

Warning: Server groups are unbalanced; this may result in uneven load distrubution.

Is there any more information about this warning message? Can only find this related https://review.couchbase.com/c/ns_server/+/164509

Please find screenshot attached

Thanks in advance.

PS: typo on distrubution? :wink:

Hi, thanks for answering. I don’t seem to find any reference on this warning in this page?

Please clarify?

Thanks again!

This is the error to message mapping done in in the UI:


And this is where it is raised:


because the server groups do not all have an equal number of member nodes.

From the screenshots, group C has more nodes (5) than B (2) or A (3).

So the message is telling you that the different groups will handle load differently because of their size differences.


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