We will do a Couchbase version upgrade, will it affect our Couchbase lite setup

We currently have a mobile app which makes use of Couchbase Lite 1.4 and Sync Gateway 1.4 which also has an integrated web system. Our database is currently using version 4.x and we are planning to upgrade our Couchbase Server to at least version 5.5 (but preferring to upgrade to 6.6). I’m trying to find a compatibility matrix and documentation from Couchbase Lite 1.4 but it seems that it is no longer available. I understand that we might have to reconfigure our sync gateway to accommodate the upgrade but will we need to upgrade the Couchbase Lite version and Sync Gateway version? Will we encounter conflicts in data if we retain our current version?
Thank you!

The documentation for CBL 1.4 can be found on our documentation archives server. I can only speak for CBL <-> SG compatibility but it remains largely compatible for newer versions of Sync Gateway. That being said, the 1.x line for both CBL and SG both reached end of life multiple years ago and are no longer supported in any capacity.

This is the compatibility matrix. But as Jim mentioned, 1.4 is unsupported and not maintained . Also scrolling down the page in link that I shared earlier lists the EoL and EoS versions

To clarify, we can safely say that CBL 1.4 will work for an upgraded SG. I’ve also checked the compatibility matrix for SG 1.4 and it will work for Couchbase 6.6. Thank you for your responses. Will consider updating CBL and SG as well.

If we maintain the CBL and SG version for now, basing on the compatibility matrix, we won’t have data conflict issues for 5.5 right?