What About Grouping Indexes?


Just a though and maybe some other previewers can voice their opinions on this, but I was thinking that it might be good to allow multiple indexes to be grouped into the same design document for cluster performance considerations.

It could look something like:

CREATE INDEX viewName ON default(field) IN designDocName
// or
CREATE INDEX designDocName.viewName ON default(field)


Good idea, we will do this when we enhance VIEW based indexes further in N1QL. The next major milestone we’re aiming for is secondary indexes.


One thing that I just though of is that this would make some confusing scope chains with the current “DROP INDEX” syntax. For example…

DROP INDEX :pool-name.bucket-name.design-doc-name.view-name

IMO, “DROP INDEX” should require “ON” to specify the bucket in the same way that MySQL requires “ON” to specify the table.

DROP INDEX design-doc-name.view-name ON :pool-name.bucket-name