What is an "Orphan bucket"

I deleted a bucket 15 minutes ago which contained about 2.5 million docs since then the GUI displays “Orphan bucket” in green and will not allow me to create a new bucket with the same name. Enterprise edition 4.5.1

Any ideas?


15 minutes is enough time for the physical vBuckets to be deleted.
in :8091/pools/default/buckets/ is your deleted bucket showing up?

I guess it was in a deleting state. My development environment is slow. It took about 20 minutes to delete.

What does it mean when the green “orphan bucket …” sign is up?
It is now more than an hour since I deleted a bucket and the sign is still up and I cannot rebalance - the button is not visible.
:8091/pools/default/buckets/ is not showing the deleted bucket.