What is Couchbase Mobile?



I want to know more about Couchbase Mobile. Is it some development kit or already built application? I have requirement for syncing my custom data with all devices (windows mobile, android ,iphone etc) and also syncing those with my servers. So does CoucbBase Mobile support such thing? Actually I am confused whether Couchbase Mobile is framework/sdk kind of stuff like Sync Framework from microsoft or ready made application.

Please let me know this. We are making study of such available tools and app to accomplish above requirement I have stated.



Couchbase Mobile is a library that you link into your application. For example, you can read about how to link the iOS version into your apps in the ReadMe here:

It definitely supports syncing data with devices and servers, but be aware that it currently only supports iPhone (iOS) and Android, not Windows Mobile.

–Jens Alfke



Is there any other version of this library which supports Desktop application development. Also I am looking for library which I can use with cross-platform Mobile Development SDK like Marmalade (Airplay SDK) , MoSync etc. If I get library in C or Java through which I can communicate with other server and device then I can use above crossplatform development tool to come over limitation of not supported Mobile OS. Above SDKs support native C,Java version.

I have seen doc (for client library in C) which does not mention anything about how to sync with other mobile device directly. It has very very simple demo for connecting to server. So I need some archietectural view of Couchbase about how it is working. I need this high level conecpt before I actually go with Couchbase.

Let me know your input on this. This is part of my feasibility study of Couchbase so I hope I will get positive reply soon.



Hi, the architecture of Couchbase Mobile is fairly simple:

  1. A server component that lives in your cloud or datacenter, which is the Syncpoint among all the mobile clients
  2. Lightweight sync clients that are compiled into your app and sync with the cloud as well as giving data read, write and query capabilities to your app code.

Today we have clients for iOS and Android, with some of our users already having apps in the App Store.
We’ll be posting more info soon or to get involved with the community there is this mailing list: https://groups.google.com/forum/?hl=en#!forum/mobile-couchbase



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I have used the following link on crouchbase mobiles and it helped me a lot.I hope you get benefited by this link as well.