What is the difference when we connect to port 8091 and 8093 on query service node?


I have 10 Data nodes, 6 index nodes and 6 query nodes. I would like to know what would be difference if i connect to to port 8091 and 8093 using the CBQ connect from query service node?


Hello @Rajukannur

Cluster administration: Administration traffic via the REST API, command-line, and Web UI.
Unencrypted*: 8091, Encrypted: 18091

Query Service runs on port 8093

For more information please see here https://docs.couchbase.com/server/5.5/install/install-ports.html


To add to Raju’s answer, there is one important difference between connecting cbq to port 8091 versus 8093.

If you connect cbq to port 8093, you are only connected to one query node, and all queries will run only on that node.

If you connect cbq to port 8091, it gets a map of the whole cluster, and will distribute queries round robin across all the query nodes in the cluster.


Thank you both @raju & @eben