What's the most efficient way to bulk update the expiry of documents?

@markvincze -

I am not sure why the connection is being closed on the cloud side; you may want to use wireshark or similar to see what is going on. I suspect you’ll see a TCP RST. A cursory search online shows that the TCP connections will be dropped after 10 mins, but this is happening much sooner.

It would be interesting and helpful for others if we could resolve this.

Also, I really doubt it’s related to async vs sync methods…its more likely intermittent and you just keep hitting it with TouchAsync.


Thanks for all the help so far!
The thing I’m working on is a migration that I have to do only once, so probably for now I’ll just stick to the synchronous Touch() to get it done.
But I’ll try to investigate more to find the culprit when I’ll have some time, and will update this thread.

If anyone’s interested, some time ago I wrote a blog post about how I ended up managing the update of the expiry for ~17 million records, you can find it here: https://blog.markvincze.com/bulk-updating-document-expiry-in-couchbase/
It’s definitely not scientific, but it worked for me :slight_smile:.