When couchbase-java-sdk 3.x is going to support Field Level Encryption

Hi, My application is currently on spring-data-couchbase 3.x ( java-sdk 2.x ) which supports Field Level Encryption. I want to upgrade to the latest version(mainly because it is more resilient against temporary exceptions). But the spring-data-couchbase 4.x has bugs (Optimistic Locking and expiry doesn’t work) and unsupported features like Field Level Encryption. When is the latest I can assume both, these bugs are fixed and the feature is added?

@Sahil333 Field Level Encryption for Java is Tentatively scheduled for February as it stands today.

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Hi @Sahil333 - spring-data-couchbase 4.0.5 was released last week and has fixes to both CAS (optimistic locking) and expiry.

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