When to use 'username password'

First post, its good to be here, I hope I can help as well as get help.

Im a couchbase lite/sg/cb server newbie.

Im going through the documentation and working on the SG example code here

Can you tell me the difference between entering a Username and Password in the SG json startup config file or entering a user in the Users {list} which also include Un/Pw.

They both seem the same, are they and if not whats the difference.

Many thanks

Hey @TinoMclaren

The username and password properties in the database config section of SG refer to the Couchbase Server RBAC user, referred to in Step 5 here. This allows SG to authenticate to the underlying Couchbase Server and use it for data storage.

The users section of the config are Sync Gateway users, which are users of your mobile application.
These accounts are described a little more here: https://docs.couchbase.com/sync-gateway/2.1/authorizing-users.html

Thank you for the clarification, that makes sense now, much appreciated.