When trying to make backups the process gets interrupted


I am trying to test couchbase enterprise edition 5.5

In my tests i am trying to do a full backup but it seems something happens in that process.

This is what i get :

2018-10-07 20:17:55,073: w0 no response for 30 seconds while there 1024 active streams
[ ] 0.1% (37151/estimated 34631186 msgs)
bucket: logs, msgs transferred…
: total | last | per sec
byte : 7103643 | 7103643 | 214181.1

Has anyone had this problem before ? Or do you have any ideea what it means ?


Hi @ciprian,

Are you using the command line tool to perform a backup? Could you show exactly what the command is that you’re typing? Do you get the same error on a smaller bucket?