When will Couchbase 4.1.1 be pushed to Community Edition



Or, would Couchbase be able to provide an updated CE installer for 4.0 that includes the fix for

I’m assuming that since 4.5.0 has been made GA this should be relatively soon.

We are hitting this in our solution now and we need an installer based fix since we are embedding your installer in our bootstrapper installer OR we have to pick another solution and start all over again in our distributed cache technology evaluations.


I’ll let others chime in on expected release timings, but I thought I’d quickly mention some possible workarounds to the issue.

The key thing is, MB-18251 only occurs when using a Primary Index. For a production workload you probably don’t want to have queries using a Primary Index anyway - it’s equivalent to doing a full table scan in relational terms. If you’ve got a Secondary Index that satisfies your query, especially if it’s a covering index for best performance, then it shouldn’t be affected by the issue.

If you absolutely have to use a Primary Index, you could slightly sneakily get around the issue by creating a Secondary Index that does the same thing, i.e. on meta().id so something like:

CREATE INDEX my_index ON `default`(meta().id);

In order to use that index for every query you’d have to add the WHERE clause

WHERE meta().id is not missing

to your queries, but other than that you should be able to leave them unchanged.

Ideally though, having Secondary Indexes that satisfy your queries will avoid the need to have a Primary Index at all and therefore avoid the issue all together.