When will the db23 of couchbase 2.0 be available?



Is there any chance to be able to test the db23 this week ?

Do you have some info about the release date ?
Will we need to reinstall the beta of sync gateway too ?





Plan is to release it this week. There will be a corresponding Beta2 for Sync Gateway and you will have to update to that as well to be compatible with CBL Beta2.



Thank you for this answer. I’m pleased to read it.
Stick to the plan, he’s good for my project’ release. :wink:




On this morning (French timezone) I checked on nuget and found the DB23 of couchbase Lite for .Net.
Very well !
Where can I download the Beta 2 of sync gateway 2.0 ? On the official website of couchbase, I can only download the beta 1.




That’s where it will be when it’s ready (we have the build, it just needs to get added to the webpage and a different team is in charge of that).


Hey Jim,

Thank you for the info. Excuse my impatience, my schedule is out of date and I’ve some pression all around me !




I understand, and I am impatient with you! None of us are proud about how slow this is going. I have alerted some people to make sure that is comes out quickly. For transparency sake I should note that although this beta has received much more testing than the last, none of it was specifically done on Xamarin. With our bandwidth we could only cover UWP and .NET Core Windows. The majority of the code should be fine, but some edge cases may be present (particularly around Xamarin Android and the exceptions it throws during replication…I noticed in 1.x that often it will simply bubble up weird exceptions in the Java namespace that I didn’t anticipate). I don’t think anything will crash, but continuous replication will be less smart if it gets confused by something on that platform.


We needed to have access to CBL23 and SG 2.0 beta 2 as soon as possible as well.
I tried a simple thing to get access to the new SG beta: changing the beta number in the download link and it worked for me. Basically, using the following link will download the new version:
Even though it might not have documentation about the new changes yet, you can install it using the normal procedure and start working with it :wink:


That’s a very good idea ! :rofl:

I will try that too ! I need a windows version …


I have it :


Is there a changelog for DB23 ?


So far only this:


We will make a more official announcement with relevant links as soon as it gets to our downloads page. But @avia_bdg has pointed to the right link for .Net …


Is there anything in particular you are curious about? I have a whole changelog but it is gigantic since we merged the 2.0 branch into master after db022 and there are a lot of spurious commit messages. I tried to summarize some of the more important stuff in the above link.