Where can I find the clear definitions for a Couchbase Cluster, Couchbase Node and a Couchbase Bucket?


I am new to Couchbase and NoSQL terminologies. From my understanding a
Couchbase node is a single system running a Couchbase Server
application and a collection of such nodes having the same data by
replication form a Couchbase Cluster.

Also, a Couchbase Bucket is somewhat like a table in RDBMS wherein
you put your documents. But how can I relate the Node with the Bucket?
Can someone please explain me about it in simple terms?



A Cluster is a set of Nodes. A Node is a machine with a running Couchbase Server. A Bucket is indeed where you store documents. A Bucket is distributed equally across the nodes of your cluster. It is splitted into 1024 vBucket. If you have 4 nodes in your cluster and one bucket configred with one replica, you have 256 active vBuckets on each node and 256 replicas vBucket on each nodes.

Take a look at our terminology page in the documentation: http://developer.couchbase.com/documentation/server/4.1/architecture/terminology.html


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Yes! Thank you! Checked in StackOverflow.