Where can I get documents for n1ql tutorial?


I’m building n1ql query builder in PHP. I would like to use queries used in http://query.pub.couchbase.com/tutorial/#1 in my integration tests. Is there a way to download documents used in the tutorial?

or is there a collection of sample queries including joins, nest, unest, and other n1ql features?

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FYI Sample data


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Thank you so much! That’s exactly what I was looking fo.

Hello @atom_yang

It looks like the dataset does not have any index. Don’t I need index for these dataset?


Update1: my bad. It looks like I have to create one bucket per directory. It won’t need index as # of data is not that many.

@atom_yang @geraldss

I’ve tried to seed these tutorial docs to buckets, but then I realized the dataset requires 11 buckets, which is more than the limit (10).

How did you run the test locally…?

Is there a way to create more than 10 buckets for testing?

It is limit for optimal performance. you can run more than one Couchbase Server.

That’s true, but that tutorial requires more than 10 buckets. I’m not sure how it is running on the website now. I guess I have to split the tests.

I think this is because the tutorial load bucket from json file, not from couchbase server.

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