Why cbbackupmgr has no single node backup option?

I just looked into cbbackupmgr and found that it does not have a feature to backup at the node level. Backuping up the entire cluster seems to be a good option but for a large distributed cluster, it may not be practical because it takes the entire cluster data into a single location. It also increases the data transfer cost, if the cluster is deployed in AWS or any other cloud.

So my question is, why this tool does not have node level backups?

Thanks in advance.


Based on our architecture, node level backup isn’t helpful as we distribute the bucket data on 1024 vbuckets. These vbuckets are randomly distributed on the nodes, which is susceptible to topology changes like rebalance and failovers. However, you can backup only specific buckets by specifying in bucket config file or specific vbuckets using vbucket filters.