Why do we need a PHP Extension instead of pure PHP library?



The PHP Extension seems to do all queries through HTTP request.
A PHP Extension is a lot more harder to maintain and evoluate.

So why you don’t do a PHP Library ?
I can personnaly work on opensource version and give it to you.

What do you think ?


I have the same question.


Would also make it easier for the people to get this extension going …

I guess it is just easier to maintain, since they already had to maintain a C version, that’s also used for other SDKs :wink:



If it was easier to maintain, the version for PHP7 would be already release :wink:
With a pure PHP library no problem about that.


After more analysis (no other choice, because no staff answer), i had information.
The documentation say: The REST API should not be used to read or write data to the server. Data operations, such as set and get are handled by Couchbase Server SDKs.

After analysis of PHP SDK I can see set and get are done by libcouchbase through PROTOCOL_BINARY_REQ and not HTTP request.