Why is my CPU at 100% when there is 0 activity on my servers?


Why are both of my couchbase servers sitting at 100% CPU usage when there are basically 0 Ops per second? I have included screenshots below.


The Ops/second you see there refers to get / set operations. You may actually have DCP activity going on but you wouldn’t necessarily see it on this screen. Can you post a screenshot of the DCP replication queue stats? That is a guess based on the active and replica item counts shown at the bottom of the page, although that difference may be due to some of your buckets not having replicas configured (in which case your server may actually be fully caught up and you may have something else going on).

You can get there by clicking on the server, then selecting a bucket, then DCP queues.

Your URL will look something like this, but you’ll have to change bucket names and IP.