Why is the Community Edition so barebones?

I’m a bit shocked by how barebones the community edition is.

Very limited RBAC, no SSL. That makes it hardly usable for anything relevant.
Offline-first, cross-device syncing apps are such a cool concept but who can put down 2.5k for an enterprise license just to test an idea?

Yes, CouchDB is an open-source alternative but the only actively maintained iOS client (couchbase-lite) is not even compatible with it anymore. It’s really sad to see such a cool technology paywalled like this. At this price point, it’s more sane to go with Firebase or AWS Amplify to build an offline-first app, which puts even more power and data control into the hands of FAANG.

Is that the future of tech? New and interesting technologies only for big corps who can pay $$$?

Many technology vendors have almost feature parity between their free and enterprise offering and are still doing very well by selling support. Or at least they have a generous usage-based trial, which allows you to test the financial viability of your app before you start paying $$$ for infrastructure licenses.

Why is there no pricing tier or trial option that is affordable for a 1-person software maker? Why is the community edition so barebones that it’s basically unusable?


Thank you for your question. It appears that your comments are related to a mobile application stack you are working on.
As of this writing, Couchbase allows for free use of the Enterprise Edition for development and testing. Community Edition is also free to use in production, and includes query, index, and key-value features. There are a number of features added to CE 6.5 for developer experience improvement.

What specific features are you missing in CE for your pre-license production deployment?