Wierd format for CAS value using nodejs


When add/setting values in couchbase via the nodejs SDK I get a weird format for the CAS value. I get something like this: CouchbaseCas<9368796638995218432> instead of the format that I recognize (and is also in your documentation), which looks like this: { ‘0’: 467599872, ‘1’: 461666438 }.
I would like to know the reason and in any case it looks to me like broken code in you SDK.



hey @brett19 can you please advise ?




Hey alonspiegel,

In a more recent version of the Node.JS SDK, we updated the implementation of the CAS wrapper to support serialization and deserialization with JSON. As part of this, we added a formatted logger for it to allow you to more conveniently see its real correct value, rather than V8’s internal representational data.

Cheers, Brett