Windows Form Application with Interface Users


I’m using Visual Studio 2010 and my operating system is Windows Vista.
You can only developing type CONSOLE APPLICATION applications?
I would like to create a Desktop Windows application type Form with user interface to access the Couchbase Server. It’s possible?
What way? Can anyone help?
I’ve tried everything, but I can only create the type console without interface for user.



Hey @tgreenstein can you advise here?


@julio_albuquerque -

You can use the SDK in Windows Forms apps as well as long as it’s a supported .NET version, the 2.X client probably won’t work with VS2010, but the 1.3.X client should.

Since VS2015 Community is free, why not just download and use the latest IDE and .NET version?



I will test with the 1.3.x version, but will also test with VS2015.
Later report the result, ok?