XDCR with advance filtering

I am trying to setup xdcr with advance filtering , so far in the filter expression i have


type is part of the json value

Now when i test 1|Test_CSV.csv from filter test in UI it says its a match … but when i add a document in the bucket with the key 1|Test_CSV.csv , it doesnt work and no XDCR happens

But these works

so is there are problem with but 1|Test_CSV.csv with both _ and . in the key??

It’s hard to say without knowing the details of your set up and data.
Even if it is marked as binary doc, then it should pass through.
Did you delete documents on the target bucket of the same name? I’m guessing you’re running into Conflict Resolution where the target bucket has tombstones.

XDCR Adv filtering is an Enterprise feature, do you have access to Couchbase Enterprise Support channel to submit the necessary information to allow us to help look into things further?

You can submit logs and data here, but it’s a public forum.

The target bucket has Data with same key id @neilhuang does that cause an issue?

It means there’ll be conflict resolution involved. See: XDCR Conflict Resolution | Couchbase Docs