Yaml changes in K8s to add Query port 8093

Hi CB team ,

Can you help where should I add list of ports (for data/ query / event services ) in Couchbase provided 2.0 Operators Yaml and Cluster Yaml file ?
I don’t see that ports tags available in values.yaml or Charts.yaml either.


Any update on this ?
I am new to the CB community but was thinking the community is strong and helpful to address concern and questions and being very active . Please help if you know the answer how I can have 8093 port added to Yaml definition on the couchbase shipped packages for cluster ?

Hi @eldorado
You can expose all the service ports by setting exposedFeatures to client:

      - client

thanks you @tommie . this is great help and this works great ! Apprec . iate it
I have other challenges with this . I want to spin up K8s PODS with MDS (Multi Dimensional scaling) and want to have 3 POD’s with Data Services , 2 PODs’s with Index and with this generic YAML config how I will define the services and exposed the related POD’s .As -client will load all POD’s with all services. Can you help because looks like you have lot insights on Yaml definitions .
thank again.